Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear food blog, I miss you....

Ok, so maybe I'll start blogging here again sometimes.

Every time I have a really awful meal out somewhere, I wish I had the passive-aggressive satisfaction of being able to blog about it. I actually had photos of a horrific fish sandwich from Brandt's, aka the *worst*fucking*restaurant* in St. Louis (you know something's wrong when the header on their website is "New Year, New Brandt's" February) sitting around on my iPhone for months, before wondering why someone who doesn't food blog anymore would do that, and deleting them. I know Brandt's is also a bar, and that they have a good selection of Belgian beers. But, for the love of God, please go to Cicero's instead. It's right down the street, the bartenders are actually nice, the food is actually good, and their beer selection is better (if less Belgian).

I was again reminded of blogging yesterday, when we were at The Fountain on Locust. Despite the boisterous children quotient, I love that place. It's like Panera, but without the grossness, and with better decor and more local love. Not to mention made-from-scratch food, the best ice cream in the city, and retro cocktails (which I still have yet to try). Oh, and the country's best bathroom of 2010. How do I know this? My father-in-law made sure we knew. Yes, world, St. Louis has America's best bathroom. And also great ice cream.